Friday, 4 October 2013

Partnership Board Bingo

I think this cartoon was one of Mark (The Shadow Cutter) Conlin's, I'm sure he won't mind me using it.  We made them in spare moments at Skills for People years ago.

At a time when cuts are very much with us, but with some more than others, these cartoons seem even more scary.  When resources seem scarce there's a tendency to draw more people into the decisions about how to spend those scarce resources.  Panels we call them.

I used to play Partnership Board Bingo - going around the room and estimating people's salary (including my own) - creating a rough hourly rate then adding it all up, adding some complex algorithms to account for travel and preparation time, factoring in the percentages of heating bills and pondering how much of a percentage of the mayor's car to add in so I could come up with a fairly accurate cost of the Partnership Board.

The answer was  a lot.

Try it at the next meeting you are at.

Just try not to shout HOUSE.

There's a different panel for them.


  1. Mood lifting to read a Social Worker with old style perspectives I want you to be my sons social worker even though he doesn't need one!.Can you keep them coming please?

    1. Glad your son doesn't need a social worker, can't think of many people who do! If he ever needs one I'll be it.