Friday, 16 August 2013

Driving Forward Personalisation

I almost forgot I did this blog. I haven't done one for ages.  Then I remembered why - this picture was made in the 'white heat' of personalisation and was so brutally true that I sat on it for a while.  

I spent a canny bit of time as an advocate and there's a phrase which always brought the red mist down - when people say "What you don't understand is........" I inwardly, and occasionally outwardly, GO OFF IT!  Guaranteed to make me GO OFF IT BIG STYLE is if the "What you don't understand..." is preceded  by "With all due respect" 

So in relation to the cartoon above I now understand that the approach of selling people's lives off to the lowest bidder is something to do with 'provider development' or 'stimulating the marketplace' something like that.

And I also understand that a Thatcherite free market is the way to drive up choice and quality but only if it is aligned with 'frameworks' hinting at some Stalinist state control.

I understand that I should become accustomed to phrases uttered by a pinstriped, cuff-linked, bronzed provider rep such as "We'll have a punt at £12 per hour" even though it is the most gut-wrenchingly putrid phrase I've heard. 

Now I understand.

And before some smart arse says, 'Why didn't you do something about it?'

With all due respect - I did, or at least I tried really hard to.

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