Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Magical Shrinking Envelopes and Going Forward Bingo

I sometimes feel really bad writing this, like I'm some kind of dinosaur who 'resists' change, who fails to rise to the challenge and see the destruction of local services as an opportunity for communities to rise again.  I think I might be a dinosaur. Never mind.

What I think is that state bad - communities good is a bit of a pointless argument.  There's just us.   And I reckon if I knocked on my neighbour and asked him to help me in the bath - we'd have a pretty frosty relationship - rather than the really good one we have built over the years, reciprocating tasks exchanging gifts and chatting so long I'm sometimes late for work.  So if I want a different type of support than that which I'd want my neighbour, family, friends to do - I think tax in and support for those who need it out is not a bad deal in theory.  And at the moment there's just us as citizens, residents, tax payers, and local government employees to figure that out.

I think what I'm arguing here for is a reminder to local government workers that they are just US.  And therefore we can all face a bit of honesty, and don't need to be deflected by a party line.

The picture above is TRUE!  The phrase used was GOING FORWARD WITH A REDUCED FINANCIAL ENVELOPE.

A reduced what?

I think I wrote one of these about Partnership Board Bingo.  There is another game called 'Going Forward Bingo'

Here are the rules;

1 Count how many times a presenter says 'Going Forward'
2 Gnaw your own legs off.

There's probably a technical term for cunningly using language to cleanse it of any real meaning - but for the moment 'Bullshit' will do - surely everyone is aware of the attack on the safety net which we all, at any time, may come to rely on.  Even that has been 'bullshitted' into Austerity.

MORE, CHEAPER, BETTER is my new cry - just so people don't think I'm a dinosaur.

Next time who knows, see what happens.....

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